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Premium for Plus Size

It’s fair to say that plus size fashion has come a long way over the past few years, from availability and style, accessibility to price. I remember when you could easily pay over the odds for a basic daytime dress when my slimmer friends would be able to get two for the same price. Slowly, with the likes of Boohoo and Yours Clothing offering relatively affordable pieces, it’s been nice to fill my wardrobe with different pieces. However, with the same token, I could never find those special pieces that were in my size, a little more extraordinary but worth the money. That’s definitely changed too when it comes to plus size premium fashion.

One of the premium brands that has really been making moves in the plus size fashion industry is navabi. Branded as being the global leader in premium plus size fashion, they offer renowned designers up to a size 32 – something plus size women haven’t really had access to in the past. Premium fashion, tailor made garments, luxe fabrics and improved fits are available at the touch of a button, thanks to the likes of navabi and with pieces like this women can shop mainstream fashion in their size.

Finally, women of a broader range of sizes have a premium selection of fashion to choose from. Rather than being forced to fork out for average-looking basics, the additional cost goes towards expertly crafted garments, specially made for a variety of shapes and frames. We finally have somewhere to go for those special occasions, when we want something that shouts designer or even just when we want something that fits perfect, to make us feel special. By having this choice available it must mean that there’s more of a demand.

It’s not just navabi making moves in the premium stakes though; we also have the likes of ELVI offering higher end fashion items that are totally rocking people’s creative side with sequins and feathers, along with the standard wardrobe favourites.

Then there’s Studio 8, the plus size sister to designer clothing brand Phase Eight who give us access to fabrics and embellishments that have never fitted so well on a plus size figure. 

ASOS also have a curve range for every budget, and cater for the demand that plus size fashionistas now have and want. Once upon a time a plus size woman would dread a wedding or interview. Now, we’re urging the invites to come in so we can show off our premium pieces.


It’s great that these brands are well and truly embedded in the plus size market. It’s about time that we had a choice in what we wear and how much we pay. Plus size fashion has an exciting future ahead of it and I’m looking forward to trying all that premium has to offer.


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