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April 06 2016

April Guest Blogger: The Rise of Plus Size

Written By Hollie Burgess Pretty Big Butterflies - April 06 2016


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Charl Pearce
April 06 2016

This was a really well written post and I was nodding all the way through.

Fashion retailers have had to move with the times so to speak and that includes plus size retailers. There was such a stigma attached to being fat that I can’t remember a single plus size role model when I was younger. I don’t imagine brands would a) dare to use a plus size celebrity to represent the brand and b) because of the stigma, a celeb being asked to front a plus size brand was probably seen as quite an insult. Now you have the likes of Tess, Felicity Hayward, Olivia Campbell, Callie, Georgina and the list goes who are happy to take the mantra and inspire fashion loving plus size babes! x

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